Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Web Email Client

On Saturday October, 11 we will be replacing our current web-based email client with a new version.  If you use Outlook, Thunderbird or similar programs to read and send your email, this change will not affect you.

However, if you use our web client ( for your email, you will notice significant changes beginning at the login page below:

Current Webmail Login New Webmail Login

The basic features remain the same, but the look and feel are very different.  This new version has been optimized for touchscreens and has a more modern look.  For example (below), the main inbox page has much more whitespace (to make it easier when using a finger) and all of the right-click actions have been replaced with buttons.

Current Inbox New Inbox

Notice that the small Microsoft-style icons to select Contacts and Calendar have been replaced with a row of large icons on the left edge that select all types of records.  Also, the tiny Logout button has disappeared. To logout, change preferences or update your profile, click on your picture (or the generic picture) where the logout button used to be.

If the new version seems too confusing, don't worry. You can switch back and forth between the new and old versions.  Click on your picture (or the generic picture) and select Switch to Old Interface.

For a quick video tour:

For complete documentation:  The Icewarp WebClient Guide

All of our hosting plans include free phone support, so if you need help navigating the new interface, please don't hesitate to call us at: 908-458-9200.