Thursday, October 29, 2015

Scomage introduces our newest service...

Digital Signage System

Using the power of the internet, turn any HDMI-compatible TV or device into a dynamic information and advertising platform.  Simply plug in the small ScreenScape Connect device, attach to your local WiFi network and the TV will immediately begin to display the content that you create and maintain online.  Manage one screen or an entire network of devices from your PC, Mac, laptop or tablet.

Plug & Play Digital Signage

If you’ve tried digital signage before, you know it can be difficult and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be.  ScreenScape offers a smarter way to turn any TV into a dynamic digital sign.
It starts with the ScreenScape Connect device.  This tiny media player is backed by Dell and features a true plug and play design – no brackets to mount, no screws to turn.  It draws power from most TVs and connects wirelessly to your network.
There is no operating system to configure and no software to download.  Plug it in, get it online and control it remotely from your ScreenScape internet account.

Influence Buying Decisions

Digital signage is a proven, effective way to engage customers and boost sales.  Savvy marketers use it to influence buying behavior where it matters most – in the storefront.
Local digital signage informs your customer’s buying decisions allowing you to serve them better with a wider range of options.

Manage Content, Deploy Anywhere

All of your content is stored on secure, cloud-based servers.  This allows you to manage one or even hundreds of screens from a single ScreenScape internet account.

Corporate managers can create and deploy consistent content to all screens while still allowing for local content that is managed at the local level.

Simple Content Creation

We’ve taken the difficulty out of digital signage so you can spend your time managing your business.  You get access to industry leading content management software and graphic design services from Cox Printers that makes publishing easy.

Boost Advertising Revenue

In addition, to your own in-house content and promotions, ScreenScape allows you to create a revenue-generating advertising stream. Get paid by your vendors, distributors or other local businesses to run their promotions on your screens.  With a free content-provider account, other business can create the content and you can manage the times and locations that the content is displayed. 

Great Product, Free Perks

Not only is ScreenScape the quickest and easiest digital signage system to install, but all of these services are included:
·        Free Device (with a 3-year contract)
·        Free Content Management
·        Unlimited Ads/Content
·        Free Training
·        Free Support

Find out if ScreenScape is right for you.  Call us today for a no obligation demo at:  844-726-6243